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Hungarian Fencing Federation

Tournament:  “Gerevich-Kovács-Kárpáti” Individual Men’s and Women’s Sabre World Cup and Zarándi Csaba Sabre Team World Cup 
   2021-03-11 to 2021-03-14

    4 Competitions

2021-03-11  “Gerevich-Kovács-Kárpáti” Men’s Sabre Ind. ► (completed) (id=sms-in)   

2021-03-12  “Gerevich-Kovács-Kárpáti” Women’s Sabre I. ► (completed) (id=sws-in)   

2021-03-14  "Zarándi Csaba" Men's Sabre Team World Cup ► (completed) (id=sms-eq)   

2021-03-14  Zarándi Csaba Sabre Team World Cup Women's Sabre . ► (completed) (id=sws-eq)